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Devin Long

Field Technician Supervisor, Deep South AC

Spend a few minutes with Devin Long and you'll be blown away at his knowledge and passion for the work he does. Twenty-eight years old might seem too young to possess all his knowledge. One conversation with Devin and you'll walk away convinced that he knows his stuff - he's definitely a guy you want on your team. Did we mention that he was one of the youngest people in the state of Louisiana to obtain the Mechanical Commercial Contractor's License?

Born and raised in the Shreveport, Louisiana area (Oil City, more specifically), Devin hit the ground running right out of high school. Eventually, his career path led him to Mechanical Concepts in Shreveport. He credits his time at Mechanical Concepts by teaching him all about HVAC systems and how to really work on them.

When he's not working, Devin enjoys being outdoors and spending time with his four kids (Ages 1,2,5, and 8). When asked what he loves about his job, he quickly responded with, "I love the work!"